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Haynes, T I
TRC-A-0892 · Person · nk
Heap, Ben S
TRC-A-1255 · Person · nk
Heath, J M
TRC-A-0415 · Person · nk
Hedont, R
TRC-A-0903 · Person · nk
Heritage, James
TRC-A-1148 · Person · December 1834-?

Cox of a coxed pair in the first race by City of London Rowing Club for which crews are recorded.

In 1861 was working as a warehouseman for a Manchester Warehouse (i.e. a textile warehouse) and living in a company dormitory in Knowle’s Court (part of Knightrider Court), south off Carter Lane, in Castle Baynard Ward of the City of London. Given the location of this dormitory, his employer was almost certainly Cook, Son & Company.

Hicks, G B
TRC-A-0053 · Person · nk
Hobbs, S
TRC-A-0512 · Person · nk
Holden, A W
TRC-A-0289 · Person · nk
Holman, Herbert Leigh
TRC-A-0149 · Person · 1900-1982

Holman was the first husband of actress Vivien Leigh.

Holmes, Tony
TRC-A-1250 · Person · nk

Photographer, trading as

Hoover, Walter M
TRC-A-0396 · Person · nk

Undine Barge Club

Horton, B
TRC-A-1149 · Person · nk
Howard, F C
TRC-A-0338 · Person · nk
Howard, Natasha
TRC-A-0663 · Person · 3 September 1980-
Hughes, Charles Wylde
TRC-A-0098 · Person · 1855-1948

He was a member of Argonauts Lodge.

Hughes, S
TRC-A-0880 · Person · nk
Hunt, A S
TRC-A-1130 · Person · nk
Hunter, F E
TRC-A-0517 · Person · nk
Hutchinson, Arthur Middleton
TRC-A-0055 · Person · 14 February 1860-10 December 1937

Adm. pens. (age 19) at Jesus College, Cambridge, Oct. 1, 1879. [Youngest s. of Alan W., of Hollingside, Durham. B. Feb. 14, 1860, at Hollingside.] School, Durham (Dr Holden). Matric. Michs. 1879; B.A. 1884. Rowing ‘blue,’ 1881, 1882; Secretary, C.U.B.C., 1881. His career as an oarsman, extending over 60 years, was remarkable. Rowed with ‘Steve’ Fairbairn in well over 100 races; in eights and fours they were only beaten five times in 25 years; rowed in Germany, France and in America, where he spent several years. In the Great War, 1914-19, at the age of 54, which ‘a slip of the pen’ made 45, received a temporary Captain's commission in The Durham Light Infantry. Of Whitwell Grange, Durham. Died from the effects of a fall, Dec. 10, 1937. Buried at Shincliffe. Brother of Alan (1879); half-brother of John W. Fogg-Elliot (1886) and of Charles T. Fogg-Elliot (1890). (Durham Sch. Reg.; Book of Blues; The Times, Dec. 14, 1937.)

Huxley, H C
TRC-A-0129 · Person · nk
Hyem, J C
TRC-A-0518 · Person · nk
Ibis Boat Club
TRC-A-0317 · Corporate body · 1871-
Ives, Harold
TRC-A-0837 · Person · nk

Great Britain 1928 Olympic coxed four

J & F Lake
TRC-A-0879 · Corporate body · nk
Jackson, J
TRC-A-1192 · Person · nk
Jennings, H
TRC-A-1173 · Person · nk
Johnson, E R
TRC-A-0830 · Person · nk

This is assumed to be the coxswain brought to Amsterdam by the Nottingham Union Coxed Four. Under Olympic rules he was underage and underweight and so Arthur Sulley took his place.

Johnston, W
TRC-A-1176 · Person · nk
Jones, J A
TRC-A-1166 · Person · nk
Jones, J G
TRC-A-0110 · Person · nk
Jones, T M
TRC-A-0520 · Person · nk