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People and organisations
Eyre, William Henry
TRC-A-0002 · Person · 1848-1939

Born in Corbridge, Northumberland.
Part of TRC's first winning crew at Henley - the Wyfold Challenge Cup in 1870 - and then went on to win in several other events.
He was Captain in the 1871 season.
He served as a Steward of Henley for over 30 years and only missed the regatta in 1939, shortly before he died.
He was a Solicitor (a partner, with Walter Rye, in Rye & Eyre of Golden Square) and was closely involved in the negotiation of the purchase of the freehold of the clubhouse and land.
Aside from Thames, he also had a long association with Kensington Rowing Club.

Safford, Edward Ayton
TRC-A-0107 · Person · April 1859-17 March 1948

Known as Ayton Safford.

Born in 1859 in Tring, Hertfordshire.

A solicitor.