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Heritage, James
TRC-A-1148 · Person · December 1834-?

Cox of a coxed pair in the first race by City of London Rowing Club for which crews are recorded.

In 1861 was working as a warehouseman for a Manchester Warehouse (i.e. a textile warehouse) and living in a company dormitory in Knowle’s Court (part of Knightrider Court), south off Carter Lane, in Castle Baynard Ward of the City of London. Given the location of this dormitory, his employer was almost certainly Cook, Son & Company.

Oswin, Thomas
TRC-A-0074 · Person · 1 November 1834-1895

Born in Northampton to David and Elizabeth Oswin.

Married in 1859 at St George's Hanover Square to Cordelia Jane Sadler.

At the time of the 1861 Census he was In 1861, he lived in 1 Margaret Villas, Putney, and described himself as a warehouseman. By 1871 he had moved to 68 West Hill Road and described himself as a silk mercer.

Died in 1895 at the age of 60.

Tibbatts, Joseph
TRC-A-1249 · Person · 1841-?

Cannot be certain, but this would appear to be a good candidate for the J. Tibbatts who raced in the first recorded City of London RC race in 1860 and who was on the first Committee from 1861.