This is a website for the historic records of Thames Rowing Club in London, UK. It is a work in progress; initial priority is being given to identifying and scanning photographs, but eventually all of the club's written records will also be catalogued.

Thames is fortunate that, having occupied the same clubhouse since 1879, many written records and hundreds of photographs have survived. This is a tribute to generations of club members and officers (notably KA 'Bill' Williams, Geoffrey Page and Tim Wilson) who recognised the value of the club's recorded history and took steps to preserve it. Following the death of Tim Wilson custody of the collection has now passed to James Elder, former club secretary and a qualified archivist. James is now gradually cataloguing the collection.

If you are the copyright holder, or the subject, of an image and would like it to be taken down, please contact James Elder.

Donations of other photographs and records are much appreciated. If you are planning to scan any photographs (or, even better, the original negatives if you have them), please contact James before doing so to get some tips on scanning resolution and file formats.

Original records are not, at present, generally open to external researchers, although this may change in future.

Help wanted!

If you have experience in working with the Linux command line, or of running a website from a Virtual Private Server, James would love to hear from you.

Additionally, get in touch if you'd be interesting in helping with the transcription of the minute books.

James can be contacted at james@thamesrcarchive.co.uk